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The True Federal Reserve

Leverage Ratio Report

This is a special report focused on the True Leverage Ratio for the Federal Reserve, and highlights some key opportunities for long term investors to build massive wealth.


Anyone invested in precious metals should bookmark this report to refer back to over time. 


The most important rule in successful investing is “You can’t fight the Fed.” It’s time we realize the Fed actually wants and needs a higher gold price. We expect this is precisely what they will achieve. 

Gradually then Suddenly Report

In the follow up to his #1 national bestselling book, Adam Baratta exposes how financial assets are poised to collapse, gradually then suddenly.

The Gradually Then Suddenly Report takes a close look at social order supply and demand over the course of history, and introduces the "Supercycle" model, which helps provide clarity to the ongoing devaluation of the U.S. dollar, and was the basis for Adam’s $2.2 million Trade of the Century.

Adam’s 15,000 word report specifically explains:


   • How Central Banks have reached the CRISIS MOMENT

   • Why Gold is Headed to over $10,000 per ounce

Decade Report

Consider this your playbook for smart investing over the coming decade. The Decade Report details:

   • How the FED manipulates the economy, giving savvy investors a chance to position themselves for tremendous wealth!

   • The Top 10 Economic Pendulums that will impact investments across the board! (Critical info if you want to grow your money.)

   • How to take advantage of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history! (This is your only shot at this opportunity!)

   • And more!

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