Gold Report Video Series

Lesson 7


The New "New" Deal

Why Biden’s “Build, Back, Better” program is no different than FDR’s “Relief, Recovery, Reform” plan


How both conclude with a 40% devaluation for the USD


The “new math” for the future price of gold


How far gold can go




Lesson 10 **LOCKED**


The TRUE Leverage Ration of the Fed


A TRUE accounting of the Federal Reserve


Why the Federal Reserve wants and needs a HIGHER Gold Price


How the explosive leverage on the Fed's balance sheet can only be kept in check by significantly higher gold prices


The Model that explains it all

Lesson 9


A Tale of Two Trees


The two trees that have determined the future of every civilization in history


Why the United States needs to pay particularly close attention to one of these trees


How these two trees demonstrate the ongoing rise of gold prices

Lesson 8


Let's... Print... MONEY!


The special rules the Fed plays by that others don’t have 


Clear predictions before they happened (that did actually occur)


A big announcement about an upcoming special project we’re working on that will soon be released

Lesson 7


The New "New" Deal


Why Biden’s “Build, Back, Better” program is no different than FDR’s “Relief, Recovery, Reform” plan


How both conclude with a 40% devaluation for the USD 


The “new math” for the future price of gold 


How historical precedent provides the roadmap to future debt monetization

Lesson 6


Wealth "Accumulation" vs

Wealth "Preservation"

Why the best strategy to accumulate wealth is preservation over accumulation


How even the biggest stock pundits are warning wealthy investors to stay away from stocks at this time


Now the best offense may actually be the best defense


The simple lesson taught by Warren Buffett that virtually guarantees future wealth

Lesson 5


The Watch

Why our "thoughts" become our "destiny"


How the principle of "The Watch" can be applied to investing


The new thoughts of the Federal Reserve and their plan to inflate away our debt

Lesson 4


The CPI Feedback Loop

Why the next few months CPI Numbers could be MASSIVE


The importance of Feedback Loops and what they could this mean for silver prices in the short term 


Inside my personal “Silver Event Trade”

Lesson 3


David vs Goliath

The battle between retail and institutional Investors.


How the "David’s" turned $500 rocks into $5,000 boulders to take down "Goliath".


Why the short term distraction could have long lasting implications.

Lesson 2


Euphoria, Bubbles, and Asymptotes

Superstar investors are calling "bubble" and "pop".


Young traders only see massive upside.


How you can tell the difference.

Lesson 1


Real Rates

Rising interest rates. Is this from growth or inflation?

Why REAL RATES are what we need to pay attention to.

How the next FED “tool” coming down the pipeline could be dangerously inflationary.

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