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The first interactive site that predicts the future of the world economy. 

The book Gold Is A Better Way was published on August 14, 2018. The book challenged Wall Street’s investing models and called gold and silver “bullish” assets that would outperform paper assets over the next decade by a shocking margin of 8X. 

Weekly Gold Report Video Series

May 6th, 2021



Episode 11


"Wealth Doesn't Disappear... It Gets Transferred"

Animation Module 9: "The Crisis Moment"

Animation Module 1: "Predicting the Future"



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Episode 10 (Apr 15, 2021) **LOCKED**


The TRUE Leverage Ration of the Fed


A TRUE accounting of the Federal Reserve


Why the Federal Reserve wants and needs a HIGHER Gold Price


How the explosive leverage on the Fed's balance sheet can only be kept in check by significantly higher gold prices


The Model that explains it all

Episode 9 (Apr 8, 2021)


A Tale of Two Trees


The two trees that have determined the future of every civilization in history


Why the United States needs to pay particularly close attention to one of these trees


How these two trees demonstrate the ongoing rise of gold prices

Episode 8 (Mar 25, 2021)


Let's... Print... MONEY!


The special rules the Fed plays by that others don’t have 


Clear predictions before they happened (that did actually occur)


A big announcement about an upcoming special project we’re working on that will soon be released

Episode 7 (Mar 11, 2021)


The New "New" Deal


Why Biden’s “Build, Back, Better” program is no different than FDR’s “Relief, Recovery, Reform” plan


How both conclude with a 40% devaluation for the USD 


The “new math” for the future price of gold 


How historical precedent provides the roadmap to future debt monetization

Episode 6 (Mar 3, 2021)


Wealth "Accumulation" vs

Wealth "Preservation"

Why the best strategy to accumulate wealth is preservation over accumulation


How even the biggest stock pundits are warning wealthy investors to stay away from stocks at this time


Now the best offense may actually be the best defense


The simple lesson taught by Warren Buffett that virtually guarantees future wealth

Episode 5 (Feb 16, 2021)


The Watch

Why our "thoughts" become our "destiny"


How the principle of "The Watch" can be applied to investing


The new thoughts of the Federal Reserve and their plan to inflate away our debt

Episode 4 (Feb 9, 2021)


The CPI Feedback Loop

Why the next few months CPI Numbers could be MASSIVE


The importance of Feedback Loops and what they could this mean for silver prices in the short term 


Inside my personal “Silver Event Trade”

Episode 3 (Feb 2, 2021)


David vs Goliath

The battle between retail and institutional Investors.


How the "David’s" turned $500 rocks into $5,000 boulders to take down "Goliath".


Why the short term distraction could have long lasting implications.

Episode 2 (Jan 26, 2021)


Euphoria, Bubbles, and Asymptotes

Superstar investors are calling "bubble" and "pop".


Young traders only see massive upside.


How you can tell the difference.

Episode 1 (Jan 19, 2021)


Real Rates

Rising interest rates. Is this from growth or inflation?

Why REAL RATES are what we need to pay attention to.

How the next FED “tool” coming down the pipeline could be dangerously inflationary.

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It's time we  peel the curtain back on our economy and see what kind of story the numbers are really telling us. Take a free sneak peek at how we're looking with the tools below.

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It might shock you when you see how the S&P 500  has actually been performing comparative to precious metals.

Warren Buffett Indicator

Aptly named the Warren Buffet Indicator, this tool measures how the stock market is doing relative to the economy.

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See how Gold and Silver are performing against major indices in a quick snapshot report customized to you.


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Warren Buffet
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In a 2001 interview with Fortune Magazine, Warren Buffet highlighted that "The best single measure of where stock valuations are at any moment" is Market Cap/GDP ratio...

Markets In
Decades Video

Learn why Warren Buffet famously said, "Our markets work in ten year cycles, it's a shame we only have seven year memories."  This video will help you understand...

The Tale of

Two Trees

Mark Twain famously said, "while history may not repeat, it sure does rhyme". Our Tale Of Two Trees is a story that's intentionally simple, and yet summarizes the problems the world faces after decades of debt accumulation.


Equip Yourself to Survive & Thrive During Upcoming Volatile Markets

These are just the tips to the iceberg that Adam Baratta has offered his members here at Gold Is A Better Way. Dive into must-see macro economic insights from a best-selling financial author who's predicted time after time how these markets were going to play out.

The Decade Report

(Special Edition)

Read Adam Baratta's 10-Year perspective, helping you prepare for tremendous wealth in this new decade. The Decade Report identifies the Top Ten economic pendulums impacting investments right now, the Top Five Asset classes you should own to prosper, and the three asset classes to avoid and why.

(Exclusive) The Bond Bubble Report 

The pinnacle of macro economic analysis. In this report on the tax cut implications on our country we dive into the effects of relatively short-term debt exposed to higher volatility, weak affordability compared to peer group, and how the market could be underestimating the rate of interest rate hikes.

Gold Is A Better Way
9-Module Workbook

This interactive workbook highlights the major underlying issues inside our economy right now.   You'll be able to see exactly where we are as an economy, how we got here, and where we're heading in the near future.  Plus, get the knowledge and insight needed to right the ship and sail safely with your portfolio.


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Get access to Brentwood Research's acclaimed Full Faith and Credit series with new issues published every month. Inside you'll find what is quickly becoming the pinnacle of macroeconomic insight and sought after market predictions, sure to deliver massive value to those who read.



Leverage Report


May, 2021

This month’s newsletter is a special report focused on the True Leverage Ratio for the Federal Reserve, and highlights some key opportunities for long term investors to build massive wealth.


Anyone invested in precious metals should bookmark this report to refer back to over time. 


The most important rule in successful investing is “You can’t fight the Fed.” It’s time we realize the Fed actually wants and needs a higher gold price. We expect this is precisely what they will achieve. 

Special Issue:
Leverage Report




May, 2021

Issue 17:
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the market


April, 2021

Issue 16:
"The Watch"



March, 2021

Issue 15:
David vs Goliath




February, 2021

Issue 14:
2020 Hindsight



January, 2021

Issue 13:
Gold's Down?

Just Buy the Dip.



December, 2020

Issue 12:
An Inside Straight



November, 2020

Issue 11:
The Election Report 2020



October, 2020

Issue 10:
Slugs, Slurpees, and It's All Relative



September, 2020

Issue 9:
Be Careful What You Wish For



August, 2020

Issue 8:
You Can't Hide
Your Lyin' Eyes


July, 2020

Issue 7:
Euphoria, Inflation, & Why I Love Silver


June, 2020

Issue 6:
Just Add Oil



May, 2020

Special Issue

Decade Report:
2020 Edition


January, 2020

Issue 4:
Don't Suffer from Insanity, Enjoy Every Minute of it.


December, 2019

Issue 3:
When Pigs Fly



November, 2019

Issue 2:
Double Dot, & the Accident Behind Trump's Tweets


September, 2019

Issue 1:
The Great Devaluation



August, 2019

Access the Great Devaluation Bundle


This 42-Minute Docunar tells the story of the U.S. dollar and the macroeconomic environment which has led to the coming dollar crisis.  In a compelling masterclass format, you’ll learn directly from the #1 Financial Author in America.

The Gradually then Suddenly report breaks down the Supercycle into all of its stages, and is used by thousands of investors to achieve greater certainty in positioning their portfolios amid massive macroeconomic shifting.  


These NINE Animation Modules deliver a visual representation of the model presented inside the Gradually then Suddenly Report, helping investors to see the future with even greater clarity and understanding.  


The Decade Report provides investors with a 10-Year perspective, identifying the Top Ten economic pendulums impacting investments right now, the Top 5 Asset classes you should own to prosper, and the 3 asset classes to avoid and why.



The Full Gold Is A Better Way Webinar Series

Most people don't want you to see their past advice and view their previous lectures. We present ours on a silver platter. Watch how we predicted the future  of the world economy time after time after time.

Black Swan Webinar
(January 2020)

At this event, Adam predicted everything that’s happening today in our current corona-conomy. This 90-Minute summit was given live to over 10,000 subscribers.

The Great Devaluation
(August 2019)

In this event during August of 2019, Adam boldly predictd the FED's reversion to QE (Quantitative Easing). Guess what happened next?

Imminent Dollar Collapse (November 2019)

Adam unlocks information that the central banks do not want you to know about. This information could very well change the way you invest... forever.


Adam Baratta

As a financial best-selling author whose lectures have been viewed by over 1,000,000 investors worldwide, Adam is on a mission to help you reshape the way you see our economy and how you map out your financial future.


The Great Devaluation

Order the #1 bestseller book by Adam Baratta where he reveals how Donald Trump can deconstruct and then rebuild the most powerful institution in the world, The Federal Reserve.

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Baratta's national best-selling book advocates a new mindset and approach towards investment and financial assets. Since publication gold has dramatically outperformed the Dow Jones by 4X.

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