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When the US Dollar crisis hits the tipping point... Will YOU be ready? Adam Baratta’s #1 bestselling financial books have been the subject of rave reviews and high praise from readers and critics alike. 

The Great Devaluation

The Great Devaluation is the #1 bestselling book focused on why the real crisis facing the world today is explosive government debt and deficits, not the Coronavirus. Governments are now left with no choice but to spend more than they make, borrow more than they can ever repay, and devalue their currencies to cover it all up.


Adam Baratta, America’s top gold expert and 2x best selling financial author, brings monetary policy to life in this follow-up to his national bestseller, Gold Is A Better Way. Inside you’ll discover how and why Federal Reserve policies have intentionally facilitated an explosion in government debt and systematically undermined the world’s financial systems in the name of profit. The result? An out of control system where financial inequality has become a ticking time bomb set to blow up the global economy.

Gold Is A Better Way

Gold Is A Better Way is a smart money investing blueprint that reveals the shocking truth about where the markets are headed. It also reveals why owning physical gold is a far better strategy to building real wealth over the inflated paper assets Wall Street recommends in their own self interests.


America’s #1 gold expert Adam Baratta strips away all the confusion and complexities surrounding investing, and breaks down investment concepts and the simple fundamentals that drive markets while promoting a roadmap for how to win at the game of investing. There's no changing behavior without changing beliefs. Gold Is A Better Way offers a fresh investment strategy and makes the case for a return to sound investing, turning the strategies recommended by Wall Street on their head as financial conditions become tighter and tighter.

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