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Issue 21:
The Joker Inside The Deck

August, 2021

A look ahead into the Federal Reserve’s future thoughts, words, actions, and destiny, and how that impacts us all. Determining whether we’re facing inflation, deflation, or stagflation, and why each poses a separate challenge for Americans.

Issue 20:

July, 2021

Why the Fed's growing pile of cash could be highly inflationary. Brentwood Research’s revolutionary Gold Inflation Index Indicator roars to its highest reading in history. And how the hottest Real Estate market in 30 years spells big trouble for the Fed's money printing machine.

Issue 19:
Biden Budget Blowup

June, 2021

This month’s issue focuses on the current economic landscape as shaped by the Federal Reserve and examines Brentwood Research’s revolutionary GII Indicator (Gold Inflation Index)-- a financial modeling tool that indicates the level of valuation for gold relative to the Fed’s balance sheet. 

Special Issue:
Leverage Report

May, 2021

This special report highlights some key opportunities for long term investors to build massive wealth.

Issue 17:
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the market

April, 2021

Cracks are starting to show in this invincible bull market. A new mindset is taking over. A model that was once the gold standard for investing is now dead. What happens next? This month’s FFC lays it all out for readers.

Issue 16:
"The Watch"

March, 2021

This month we explore how the Fed has defined its destiny through its thoughts, words, and actions -- and what that means for investors. This is a must read issue with a powerful message that “smart money” investors have understood for decades.

Issue 15:
David vs Goliath

February, 2021

Wall Street is up in arms as retail investors band together to fight institutions. This month’s FFC looks at how they turned $500 rocks into $5,000 and what the potential fallout could be for both sides.

Issue 14:
2020 Hindsight

January, 2021

This month we explore my Black Swan prediction from 2019, how the Fed has used that crisis to its own advantage, the new mindset settling over our country, and what to expect next amidst this pandemic.

Issue 13:
Gold's Down? Just Buy the Dip.

December, 2020

As the price of gold drops, we see more and more opportunity -- but not for the reason you think. Trump lost the election, but with the Fed primed for action, this issue of FFC shows why ‘buying the dip’ could be the best investment of our generation.

Issue 12:
An Inside Straight

November, 2020


We dive into the inevitable Blue Wave of stimulus coming for our country and explore the opportunities and economic problems attached to this wave in this can’t miss FFC issue.

Special Report:
The Election Report 2020

October, 2020


As we head into the most important election in U.S. history, we predict the winner, and reveal our medium and long term expectations regarding fallout and investor opportunities in either candidate’s victory.

Issue 10:
Slugs, Slurpees, and It's All Relative

September, 2020

FFC Issue 10 explores Warren Buffett’s big bet against the U.S. economy, the unprecedented explosion of national debt, and the commodities mindset shift we’re seeing today.

Issue 9:
Be Careful What

You Wish For

August, 2020

The Federal Reserve publicly stated they are pinning interest rates near zero. Investors must consider new risks (and opportunities) during these new circumstances. 

Issue 8:
You Can't Hide
Your Lyin' Eyes

July, 2020

As the market soars, so does our country’s debt. But the Fed’s biggest lie continues to be ignored. This month, we expose that lie and prepare readers for the fallout from the Fed’s deceit.

Issue 7:
Euphoria, Inflation, & Why I Love Silver

June, 2020

An inside look at a panic/euphoria model shows why the market is going haywire, what we can expect next, and the REAL story the Fed is hiding in plain sight.

Issue 6:
Just Add Oil

May, 2020


A good deal may only be good on the surface. It’s why sometimes when you win, you really lose. This month we look at how to evaluate any investment so that you come out on the winning side.

Special Issue:

Decade Report:
2020 Edition

January, 2020

This special issue of the FFC newsletter is a “smart money” playbook. It’s a 10-Year perspective to protect your existing assets while creating wealth over the next decade.

Issue 4:
Don't Suffer from Insanity, Enjoy Every Minute of it.

December, 2019

Price and value are not the same. This month we look at how the actions and words from the Fed and various sectors of the market separate price from value – and how to profit from that chasm.

Issue 3:
When Pigs Fly

November, 2019


Great risk brings great opportunity. This month’s FFC explores current and future economic risks, and how the smart money can generate serious wealth from it all.

Issue 2:
Double Dot, & the Accident Behind Trump's Tweets

September, 2019

A new Great Depression could be on its way. This month’s FFC shows how to intelligently approach the risk facing the US Dollar and profit from the coming economic crisis.

Issue 1:
The Great Devaluation

August, 2019


Get an in-depth look at the problems plaguing the US Dollar, how central banks are dealing with these issues, and what they mean for the US and its investors.

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