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"Don't fight the Fed" has long been the best investment advice.


But what happens when the Federal Reserve changes course? A new regime has been installed, with one new purpose: inflation.


It's officially checkmate for the U.S. Dollar.

Because it is a competition... and we are keeping score.

Performance since 8/14/2018 (based on $100,000 investment)

The largest transfer of wealth in human history is happening now, and you're the target.

The Federal Reserve is to the stock market like the ocean is to the moon, and provides a tidal force that determines high and low tides for the flow of capital. ‘The Watch’ explains the change in direction for the Federal Reserve and why their new mindset will lead to the inevitable decline of the U.S. Dollar.

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Join national bestselling author of The Great Devaluation, Adam Baratta, as he explores the most current news and cutting edge information on the world economy and how the tremendous mindset shift from the Federal Reserve will impact investor portfolios in the coming years.

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Our Special Reports and Events have been subscribed and attended to by tens of thousands. Unlike trading services that offer daily trade signals, our events and Special Reports are released only when we anticipate major market shifts and have marked some of the most dramatic transitions in the last few years. Our “event trades” are documented, and have provided  returns of up to 5X in less than six months.

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We are all driven by story. Our award winning team has a foundation in the entertainment business and has changed the game in financial storytelling and has helped tens of thousands of everyday investors see the big picture and invest like smart money.

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Adam Baratta’s acclaimed books, The Great Devaluation and Gold is a Better Way, were both number one best sellers packed with priceless information for wealth-focused investors. Both financial best sellers are included in your Gold Is A Better Way membership, as are Adam’s future books which are currently in production.

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The best in any industry also use the best tools. Our proprietary calculators allow investors to see firsthand the true math behind market fluctuations and provide both backward and forward looking indicators that allow for a better understanding of the past and keen insight into the future.

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What happens when you combine award-winning storytelling with state of the art financial information?  You get an understanding of financial markets in ways few others receive.


In order to understand where we are going, we have to understand where we are, and how we got here.  Our team consists of award-winning filmmakers, writers, and the number one financial author in America.

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