Documentaries and Animations

Get an in depth, simplified, uncensored look into some of the most important economic events of our lifetimes with documentaries and animations from our award winning creative team. These proprietary data models and investigations present critical data in a way that most investors have never before seen or interacted with, let alone fully understood. 


Purchase each special documentary or animation individually or get instant access to them all as a Gold Is A Better Way VIP Member.

Gradually then Suddenly

Animation Modules

These NINE Animation Modules have been called absolutely revolutionary by viewers.


They take an in-depth look at:

   • Social Order Supply and Demand

   • The Crisis Moment

   • From High Demand to Low Demand

   • From Low Demand to High Demand

   • From Low Supply to High Supply

   • From High Demand to Low Demand

   • From High Supply to Low Supply

   • The Opposing Forces

   • History Repeats

   • The Future


These modules are a breakthrough in investor data visualization, and once seen may change the way you view investing forever.

Cover for the Crime

This is the story of the U.S. dollar and the macroeconomic environment that shows exactly what's in store next for investors.

Adam’s 30 minute documentary exposes how the central banks have used the health pandemic to dramatically expand their balance sheets and devalue their currencies.


In this compelling masterclass format from the #1 Financial Author in America, you'll learn:


The inner secrets of the Supercycle, including the balance of social order supply and demand.


How cultural shifts influence the major economic cycles, and how these cycles are maybe more predictable than you realize.


Why the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar is now the only way forward.


How the biggest vehicle for change is crisis – manufactured or natural.

Trump vs The Fed

Watch this award winning documentary from Brentwood Research and learn how Donald Trump could be planning on using gold to help radically balance our out of sorts balance sheet.


The Full Gold Is A Better Way Webinar Series

Most people don't want you to see their past advice and view their previous lectures. We present ours on a silver platter. Watch how we predicted the future of the world economy time after time after time.

The Great Devaluation (August 2019)

In this event during August of 2019, Adam boldly predictd the FED's reversion to QE (Quantitative Easing). Guess what happened next?

Imminent Dollar Collapse (November 2019)

Adam unlocks information that the central banks do not want you to know about. This information could very well change the way you invest... forever.

Black Swan Webinar (January 2020)

At this event, Adam predicted everything that’s happening today in our current corona-conomy. This 90-Minute summit was given live to over 10,000 subscribers.

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